web series turns six year old "transgender child" into internet star

At some point we’re going to have to close the barn door on reality shows where viewers are treated to a voyeuristic peek into what really should be described as a crime in progress in the name of entertainment. I had a link sent to me for yet another example of such fare involving a web video series (as opposed to your usual cable TV lineup) put up by Titled The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family, the show focuses on the lives of an “unusual” family and follows them through their allegedly normal lives. In this case, however, it seems for all the world that everyone there is looking for a fast path to being famous in the tradition of the Kardashians.

The Keswani family has a cast which certainly falls outside the norm and might even make it to cable one of these days. Their oldest son was born with a rare form of dwarfism and produces internet videos himself. The middle child is an aspiring model or actress or something. But the real “star” of the show seems to be their youngest child, a six year old boy who is now being called Devina. Formerly known as Dev, the child is described by the parents as having been “special” from his earliest days. (People)

But it’s Devina, the youngest member of the Keswani clan, that really shook things up for the family. Born a male six years ago, her parents now say that the signs were there from the beginning.

“The day Dev could walk, the walk was feminine,” Vaishali says in the third episode of The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family. “The day Dev could talk, it was really feminine.”

“We had this perfect kid,” Anil says. “But it wasn’t easy. There was something that was not clicking.”

These signals may have been increasingly hard to ignore, but it wasn’t until a sit-down with Devina’s kindergarten teacher, where she expressed her concern over an assignment Devina – then Dev – had turned in, that Vaishali and Anil realized the seriousness of the situation. After an emotional heart-to-heart, the family realized they couldn’t deny Devina’s true self any longer.

Devina’s true self?” We’re talking about a six year old child. Nobody is remotely close to discovering their “true self” when they should still be playing with blocks and toy trucks in kindergarten. And as for what’s happening here, rather than some form of liberating social triumph, what we’re watching take place on this show is nothing short of child abuse. A six year old is in no way ready to confront issues of their sexuality and certainly doesn’t need to be encouraged by the parents to go traipsing off down some trail of self-hatred and non-conformity for the sake of social justice. We’re not developed enough at the age of four or six to fully understand what gender even is, to say nothing of wrestling with questions about whether or not we’re happy with the gender we were born with.

But now we have yet another small, innocent child ripped away from any sense of a normal childhood and thrust into the eye of the SJW maelstrom. This boy is being called by a new name, dressed in girls clothing and confused beyond the limits of what we should expect any small child to understand or endure. And why? So his family can look special on a web series. What’s to happen to little “Devina” in six or seven years when his hormones kick in and he suddenly realizes that he’s not only a boy but is interested in young girls? Will his parents be equally graceful about allowing him to “transition” back to being a boy? Or will they bring in a doctor to commit an even more horrific crime by administering hormones in the child to block the normal onset of puberty? Yes, in case you hadn’t heard, that’s actually being done now and it’s apparently legal in at least some places. Sounds like something straight out of the laboratories of Dr. Mengele, but that’s apparently the world we live in today.

And why not? It’s now legal for a fifteen year old to get sex change surgery in Oregon and have it paid for on the taxpayer dime without the parents even being consulted. This isn’t just an abdication of parental responsibility at this point, it’s a situation where parents are becoming willing participants in the warping of their young children’s minds… and in some cases their bodies as well. What people choose to do with their own bodies after they become adults is their business. Dress how you want, have bits of your anatomy mutilated and file to change your name to whatever pleases you. But we allegedly still have a responsibility to protect children who are not old enough nor mature enough to give consent to such things and give them a fighting chance at a normal life. This web show from is a rolling disaster in progress. Sadly, given the current climate in both society and progressive government circles there may be nothing that anyone can do to save this young boy.

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