Pelosi: closing of last gun shop in San Francisco was "a private sector decision"

You may recall that we recently talked about a sad day in the City by the Bay when it was announced that San Francisco’s last remaining gun shop would close its doors at the end of this month. After living through one wave of regulations after another they finally learned that they would be forced to videotape every transaction which took place in the store and proactively turn those videos over to the local police each week even if there wasn’t a hint of an allegation that the customers had done anything wrong. That was, as the store manager put it, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

One of San Francisco’s most famous denizens, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was finally asked about this turn of events by the media. Her take on the store’s closure sounds like something that would have come from an alien being visiting our planet for the first time. (The Daily Caller)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told The Daily Caller Thursday at her weekly presser that she believes San Francisco’s new gun control regulations did not shut down the last gun shop in the city but that a “private sector decision” shuttered its doors

“It is my understanding that they made a decision, a business decision that regulations didn’t shut them down. They didn’t want to live within the regulations. So they decided to go elsewhere,” Pelosi said. “That was a private sector decision on their part to do that. I’m not sure all the regulations they were concerned about have all but passed but they were suggested.”

An aide to city supervisor Mark Farrell told the Daily Caller that they really had no other choice but to pass the restrictions.

“The idea of the proposal is to be forward-looking,” said Jess Montejano, a legislative aide to Farrell. “If Congress isn’t going to act [on tighter gun control], we will do everything possible to protect the public safety of our residents.”

For a city that’s so concerned about protecting the public safety of the residents they really don’t seem to be terribly worried about what happened to Kathryn Steinle or how to prevent such things in the future. In fact, following her murder there actually was a public outcry to change some laws but it had nothing to do with the legal sale of guns. Her own parents wanted to eliminate the sanctuary city nonsense and impose tougher controls on illegal aliens who are felons. Of course, the concerned city leaders haven’t done a thing about that… they’d prefer to make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun.

It might be worth noting at the next city council meeting that Kathryn’s killer didn’t buy his gun at a store or go through any background checks. He stole it. And he was out on the street able to do all of this precisely because your city goes out of its away to actively thwart immigration enforcement efforts so you can be “fair” to everyone. We’re supposed to buy the line that your main focus is on protecting the public safety of your residents?

Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023