Solutions: Scott Walker mulls school bathroom gender mandate

A government mandate (even at the state or local level) is rarely the preferred method for dealing with problems, but we may have come across the exception that proves the rule. In Wisconsin, Republican legislators have been keeping an eye on the mess which has erupted in schools across the nation where a handful of “transgender children” have been creating havoc in their communities by demanding to use the wrong bathroom in their schools. Rather than waiting for the situation to blow up in their faces, the Badger State is considering banning students from using a bathroom or locker room designated for a gender other than the one that matches the genitalia they were born with.

Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday that a bill that would bar transgender students from using school bathrooms or locker rooms assigned to the gender with which they identify is worth considering.

But he stopped short of endorsing it…

Two Republican lawmakers are seeking co-sponsorship for a bill that would require gender-specific bathrooms and locker rooms in schools. It would also require the state to defend school districts sued over the matter.

Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, told the State Journal on Tuesday that the bill seeks to provide “safety” and “privacy” to students using these rooms.

The public schools are paid for by the taxpayers and the government – at some level – has to be able to set policy for them, so this isn’t an outrageous idea. More to the point, the schools are charged with providing a safe environment for the students, and that includes allowing them some standard level of privacy when changing clothes or using the bathroom facilities. The idea that children in their early teens, particularly girls, should be forced to have a boy in the next stall or tolerate him watching them change their clothes for gym class or showering afterward is far, far beyond the pale.

It’s also rather prescient of the legislators to understand that the parents of these confused children will likely jump at the chance to take the school district or the state to court if they don’t let them have their way. Instituting a formal policy wherein the state can bring their considerable resources and legal talent to bear in defending schools from such frivolous lawsuits seems a wise move as well.

Handling something like this at the state level is about as high as I’d want to see it go. Even if Washington were to attempt something as common sense oriented as this (highly doubtful in the current climate) they would almost certainly find a way to screw it up. The Department of Education in D.C. has become a useless appendage which we could easily do without. But at the state level, Wisconsin seems to be getting it right and I would hope that not only will Scott Walker endorse this, but that the rest of the states would take a good look at this legislation and consider it for their own students. The political correctness train, being steered by the SJW these days, has well and truly run off the rails. This “transgender student” bathroom question is one of the most farcical we’ve seen to date and it’s having a very real impact on our young people. It’s time for the madness to end.

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