Elizabeth Warren launches the Big Pander to #BlackLivesMatter

I suppose this was inevitable, though the only real question here is how it took so long. While still insisting that she’s absolutely not interested in running for president, Senator Elizabeth Warren is definitely playing the role of kingmaker. (Or perhaps queen maker is more her style.) Regardless of her motives, Warren decided to step up to the plate and toss a very large bone to the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday, putting even more pressure on the Democrat candidates to see if they can match her enthusiasm by moving even further to the left. Her speech carried all the required buzzwords and phrases, comparing the group to the civil rights movement, and dishing out the meal you need to serve if you want to appease the SJW. The speech drew quick rounds of applause from the usual suspects. (Washington Post)

“None of us can ignore what is happening in this country. Not when our black friends, family, neighbors literally fear dying in the streets.” Warren said. “This is the reality all of us must confront, as uncomfortable and ugly as that reality may be. It comes to us to once again affirm that black lives matter, that black citizens matter, that black families matter.”

The focus on people who “literally fear dying in the streets” is the message that the movement’s spokesmodels push to get out there on cable news shows on a daily basis. They also seem to be genuinely confused when people who actually pay attention to things like facts turn a deaf ear to the hyperbole. She invokes the same catchphrases which are seen at every rally (when they’re not chanting about frying pigs like bacon, that is) and the statistics counting the number of black people killed by police. Oddly, she fails to mention that even those who are tracking police shootings note that the number of white people killed by the cops is still essentially double the number of blacks. Nor does she mention that of the roughly 215 black people killed by police this year less than a dozen are even questionable in terms of whether or not the person was engaged in violent or clearly threatening behavior leading to the fatal encounter, to say nothing of the handful of clearly unprovoked shootings.

Even John Mcwhorter at the Daily Beast seems to have grown exasperated at the way these activists have turned a blind eye to the real problem which leads black citizens to literally fear dying in the streets.

This year alone, in Chicago almost 80 percent of the people killed have been black. In Baltimore the figure is 216 black people versus 11 white, in Philadelphia 200 black people versus 44 white. Most by other black people.

Some object that most people of any color are killed by someone of their own race, but it’s the proportions that are important—why do so many more black guys kill each other, numerically and proportionally? This is dismaying—we want to fix it. Yet the good-thinking dialogue on “race” in America has classified it as behind the curve to dwell on this issue. Instead we are to focus on the Darren Wilsons and Michael Slagers as black America’s supposed biggest problem regardless of actual homicide statistics because, because… well, what we get are such rickety defenses. One is the idea that somehow “the state” killing black people is worse than black people killing black people, which is one of the most infantilizing propositions imposed upon black America in its entire history.

Returning to Warren, she also seeks to stoke the fires of racial division – a sure winner for Democrats in an election year – by invoking all sorts of dire images without providing any context for them and how they are resolved. Read this short portion carefully.

“Economic justice is not — and has never been — sufficient to ensure racial justice. Owning a home won’t stop someone from burning a cross on the front lawn. Admission to a school won’t prevent a beating on the sidewalk outside,” Warren declared. “The tools of oppression were woven together, and the civil rights struggle was fought against that oppression wherever it was found — against violence, against the denial of voting rights and against economic injustice.”

What’s missing here is the fact that all of the things under discussion are already illegal and regularly prosecuted. Cross burning has mostly fallen out of vogue even among the most despicable racists remaining in the hinterlands, but when it happens (as with this guy) the police try to chase them down and lock them up. Beating students outside of schools will land you in jail. When such things aren’t being pursued you need to put more resources into law enforcement so they can get the job done, not spend your time trying to blame law enforcement.

But none of that will register with the people Warren is trying to reach. If she wants to get a big, warm embrace from BLM she has little to worry about in terms of paying a price for it. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the other hand have a lot at stake. If they allow Warren to push them into this trap they will quickly found out how many voters (except those on the far, far left) want to see police officers ostracized, if not executed. And it’s a very small number.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023