DNC chair now getting heckled over debates at her own party's convention

If the S.S Hillary winds up sinking under the waves it may drag some other ranking members down with it. Despite growing criticism from within her own party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz doubled down this past week on protecting the inevitable nominee by delaying Democrat debates and limiting them in number. (Daily Caller)

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not budging on her decision to cap the number of Democratic presidential primary debates, despite protesters who stood outside the DNC Thursday and demanded she change her mind…

Wasserman Schultz, however, told The Daily Caller Thursday night that the party is standing firm.

“We have six debates, which are about the same number we had in ’04 and in ’08, when we had an open primary. We believe strongly that six debates coupled with other opportunities that candidates will have to engage in forums and town hall meetings — that it is important to have our candidates in a variety of settings and not take them off the campaign trail,” she said.

Unfortunately for Debbie, the continued clamoring of Bernie Sanders’ supporters for more debates and a chance for the upstart socialist to challenge Clinton head to head has only grown louder in recent weeks, coming to a head at the party’s state convention in New Hampshire. While attempting to draw distinctions between the GOP and the Democrat platform, Wasserman Schultz was nearly driven from the stage by the cries of the disaffected crowd. (ABC News)

The chair of the Democrats National Committee got heckled today during her remarks at the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention by protesters calling for more than six debates in the primary.

The chants began as Debbie Wasserman Schultz told the crowd she was looking forward to the December debate in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“We want debates! More debates!” party members yelled out, drowning out her remarks.

Many protesters — many of whom were Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley supporters — simultaneously held up bright orange signs that read, “More debates = More votes for DEMOCRATS.”

An event providing this much amusement for conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to pass by without a video, so here’s some of the goodness in full color.


The curtain has really been pulled away at the DNC and something which conservatives have long known (or at least suspected) is now dawning on the Democrats. There is an old school of power inside the DNC and it is still very much dominated by the Clinton clan regardless of who is in the Oval Office. They will move Heaven and Earth to protect the Clintons and the massive amount of money that Bill and Hillary can move around is a voice which simply can’t be silenced. But the flock seems to be getting increasingly annoyed at the shepherds at this point. As we noted previously, DWS has been losing friends right and left to the point where she may be drawing a primary challenger next year on the heels of her support of the Iran deal.

Her attempts to assist in the coronation of Hillary Clinton is only going to add to that volume. We’ve seen the Democrats’ rank and file growing increasingly nervous of late as concerns grow that Hillary could enervate the party and cost them the White House next year during a cycle where they feel that the demographics are all on their side and only growing. Not that I personally think Bernie Sanders has any realistic chance of winning in the general election, mind you, but if Hillary is the nominee and manages to blow it there’s going to be one heck of an ugly postmortem taking place over the DNC Thanksgiving dinner table next year.

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