The White House is making a list of your POTUS tweets which are naughty or nice

As Allahpundit noted earlier, the President is back on Twitter with his own account. And good for him! It’s a free country and he should be able to express himself in the social media universe just like anyone else. (Besides, there’s not much else to do if somebody won’t let you play through while waiting at the eighth tee.) Of course, the predictable side effect of Barack Obama jumping back into the Twitterverse – aside from immediately attracting millions of follows – was a flood of negative, and sometimes outright offensive comments from anonymous users.

Jonathan Capehart covered the big POTUS Twitter announcement and picked out a few accounts which quickly tweeted hateful racist blasts.

A story I just read by David Badash at about the welcome President Obama got upon joining Twitter left me slack-jawed.

Badash gives a hat-tip to for its original story. But he notes that it took just 10 minutes to start baptizing the leader of the free world in Twitter’s racist sewer.

I pointed out to Jonathan that one of the first tweets he highlighted came from an account which seemed to have only been created within the past few days and had a relative handful of followers by the time I looked at it. (Roughly half of them journalists and the rest auto-picking spam bots.) That doesn’t mean that there weren’t some unpleasant tweets heading the President’s way from legitimate, established users as well, though. But with some newly revealed information coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama’s critics may have cause to pause.

According to the official website of The White House, all tweets sent to (or from) an official government account are archived. As in, forever. While I’m not saying that there will be ramifications to asking the President of The United States if he wants to “smoke a blunt and listen to Kanye,” I’m not saying there won’t be, either.

Remember, the internet is an über-efficient archival tool and while you think it’s hilarious to throw around racial slurs (omitted from this post – but the sheer number of these is overwhelming), joke about murder, or just ask some of the most mind-numbingly dumb questions on the planet now, you might regret this one day.

So obviously this isn’t a threat to anyone’s free speech. The White House isn’t trying to slow your roll… they’re just collecting things, you know? Sort of like stamps or butterflies or old baseball cards. Why on Earth would you think they might be tracking people who criticize the Oval Office occupant and building some sort of enemies list which could later be used to retaliate against you? Honestly, some of you people are so suspicious that it borders on paranoia.

Of course, I guess I was a little bit late on the draw in thinking of deleting this one:

Well, they already search my bag each and every time I fly in and out of Reagan International, even when I’m on the TSA pre-screen list. How much worse could it get?