Polite society update: Utah concealed carry holder kills carjacker, rescues driver

A brief note this evening on the subject of an armed society being a polite society. In Utah, a man with a concealed carry permit was in the parking lot of a store when he heard the screams of a woman in distress. She was in the process of being dragged from her vehicle by a carjacker when the man intervened. The aforementioned carjacker apparently liked his chances (for some reason) in bringing a fist to a gunfight. It did not end well for him.

Police are hailing a man who shot and killed a would-be carjacker outside a Utah grocery store, saying he did the “right thing” by coming to the aid of the vehicle’s owner.

Investigators say the 31-year-old man with a concealed weapons permit was in Macey’s parking lot in Orem, 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, when he heard a woman’s screams as she was being pulled from her SUV by the suspect.

The early reporting isn’t providing a lot of forensic details, but the Samaritan was packing a 9 mm and the carjacker is currently at room temperature. Rather than being placed under arrest, the still unidentified man is being hailed as a hero by the cops and is not expected to face any charges. What might have happened to the woman had he not been there, ready for action, will remain a subject of speculation. (Thankfully.)

A quick editorial note: the Sunday evening posting schedule is a bit off kilter and I apologize to our readers for that. Ed and I were returning from Right Online in DC today and my flight plans turned into a nightmare of modern airline “service.” (Thanks, United!) Noah was a big help, though, and things should be back on an even keel tomorrow. Quotes of the Day will be along a bit later than normal. Enjoy your evening.