Scott Walker soon to be toppled in #Searsgate

You can’t have a Republican candidate for president without having some scandals attached to them. This is pretty much Political Journalism 101. Of course, this holds true for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as much as the rest of them, and the press has dutifully uncovered one scandal after another. And as Professor Jacobson points out at Legal Insurrection, this latest one is sure to take him down.

It seems that attacks on Scott Walker seem to boomerang and simply add to his political persona of being a regular guy.

Did you hear the one about how Scott Walker never graduated college? #Fail.

The latest attack on Walker is that he has “up to” $50,000 in credit card debt to — wait for it — Sears.

We don’t know exactly how much because financial disclosures only are made in broad ranges, so it could be as little as $10,000.

Regardless, it’s SEARS!

Yep. It’s confirmed. As reported by the New York Daily News, Governor Walker does indeed have a Sears credit card and… (wait for it again) he has an outstanding balance on it. This clearly means that he’s not a fiscal conservative.

“Owe, no!

2016 hopeful Scott Walker has tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, owing money to a list of banks and stores including Sears and Barclays, a new report alleges.”

There you have it. Walker carries a balance on his Sears card. We don’t know how much it is… it could be $10K or $50k. But this is a verified, real reporter documented, printed on fishwrap fact, people! Why he might not have paid off the card entirely is pointed out by the Daily Beast, as Jacobson found. He has two kids in college, his parents live with him and he has a mortgage on his house. His net worth is the lowest of any candidate, coming in at a whopping $72.5K.

Wait a minute… I thought evil, rich Republicans were the problem because of income inequality and the inability to relate to real Americans with modest incomes and debt. Wouldn’t this actually make him a good candidate? Apparently not. It just means he’s not a fiscal conservative. And by that measure, there’s probably only about 40,000 fiscal conservatives in the entire country.

Maybe it’s a signal that he has poor judgement? I mean, how did he wind up having that card in the first place? But wait… I may have the answer. Walker was probably bullied into signing up for a Sears card. After all, that’s what Ed used to do for a living.

This is the difference between meaningful debate and a throw anything at the wall media blitz. There are actually conservatives who have taken issue with Walker. They may not agree with or trust his position on issues of importance to them. That’s fine. It’s why have primaries. But this white noise coming from the press is just getting boring at this point. Call us when you find an actual scandal.