Politinerds: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus


The Chairman of the RNC joined Doug and I for this week’s edition of Politinerds. Before getting to the politics, we found out that Reince was Jersey Shore long before he was a cheesehead. You’ll hear about his family ties in Greece and what he learned about American politics by following his grandfather around Athens. He also explained why somebody would choose the world of party politics over being a partner in a successful law firm. As far as the national committee goes, we asked him about what he did to drag the RNC out of debt and how he is deploying their resources for 2016. We also touch on the challenges of dealing with internal warring factions and a wide variety of candidates all vying for the attention of the base.

My favorite quote, regarding the changes he has made to the primary and debate schedule:

I can’t control everyone’s mouth, but I can control how long we have to kill each other.

The Chairman was a great guest and very generous with his time. Enjoy the interview.

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