Non-shocker: No federal charges against Zimmerman

You remember how Eric Holder was going to step in and set things to rights on cases where local and state authorities weren’t going to do the right thing? He talked about it with Michael Brown, but that pretty much disappeared. There was still one on the back burner, though. Holder was also going to look into the George Zimmerman verdict. Well… never mind.

The Justice Department will not file charges against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, a Justice official told USA TODAY.

Justice officials planned to notify Trayvon’s family before announcing the decision, according to the official who was not authorized to speak publicly.

The perpetual grievance brigade has been looking for some way to punish George Zimmerman ever since he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers back in 2013. While it’s not impossible for someone to be charged on civil rights grounds after passing the test of a jury trial on criminal charges, it’s unusual to say the least. In order for them to pull this off they would have had to not only convince a new jury that he was guilty of the original charge (at a lower bar than was set for a criminal conviction) but that he committed the deed with the intent of robbing Trayvon Martin of his civil rights. A different way to think of this is that the jury would have to be convinced that the action was essentially a “hate crime” rather than a random encounter gone bad.

Not only was the evidence insufficient to prove that Zimmerman set out to murder Martin, the various accounts of the event all pointed to a situation where – in a worst case scenario – George was “playing cop” and chasing a suspect who then turned on him. None of that adds up to the sort of situation where the famously described “white Hispanic” was going after Martin because he was black. Why it took so long for Justice to realize that the bar was far too high will remain a mystery.

Of course, the media has done the job of the marching mobs fairly well, hounding Zimmerman’s every step and making national headlines out of events ranging from traffic violations to being questioned about having a legally owned and carried firearm. If nothing else, they have managed to make sure he could never return to a normal life, get a job and settle down. Such is the nature of the media kangaroo court. Isn’t justice grand?

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