The likely 2016 GOP nominee is free to cheer for the Cowboys

I noticed yesterday that Allahpundit made yet another futile attempt to derail the inevitable candidacy of New Jersey Governor (and eventually 45th President) Chris Christie. The complaint making the rounds among a very bored media this week is that he was seen rooting for the Cowboys. (Though AP clearly sees it as a chance to shore up the lagging hopes for a third Romney run.) Okay, sure… there are people grousing about the fact that Christie seems to have just taken a rather expensive gift from somebody who also has a business relationship with the State of New Jersey. Some of these nervous nellies are trying to make a big deal out of it because it’s “against the law.” (What does that really have to do with the big picture?)

And, yes, it’s apparently also true that Christie was personally involved in helping to steer a Port Authority contract to Jerry Jones. But really… who can keep track of all the contracts that get signed off every year? Like that hasn’t happened to you. Are we really going to spend the next two years quibbling over little things like this?

Less than two years before Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paid for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s tickets and travel to NFL games, government documents show Christie personally pushed the Port Authority to approve a lucrative contract for a firm part-owned by Jones. Christie nonetheless accepted the gifts from Jones, despite New Jersey ethics rules barring gifts to public officials from persons or entities that those officials “deal with, contact, or regulate in the course of official business.”

Honestly, some of you people act like we have to disqualify every potential candidate for the presidency unless we find the living embodiment of Diogenes himself wandering the streets of DC with a lamp. But we’re here to talk about the Cowboys, so enough of that.

Chris Christie won’t wind up paying any significant political price for this for one very simple reason; nobody is going to be offended except for the fans of the Jets and the Giants. On the first count, he has very little to worry about. The fifty or so of us who are still rooting for the Jets after this dog of a season won’t amount to a statistical blip on the radar come November of 2016. And as for that other group, it is easily demonstrated that anyone with such a limited ability to select the correct team to root for out of two choices is unlikely to be able to manage the complexities of a voting ballot, assuming they bother to remember to show up at the polls at all.

Besides, the voters will judge Christie not by which fan jersey he wears on game day, but on his efforts to benefit the people he represents. Take, for example, his work to stop Mercedes-Benz from moving their headquarters out of New Jersey to Georgia.

Georgia appears on the verge of luring Mercedes-Benz’s U.S. headquarters to move from New Jersey to metro Atlanta. The move, which several sources say could be formally announced as soon as today, would be a considerable coup for Deal as he prepares to begin a second term.

It also would be a bitter pill for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the presidential contender whose administration is fighting to keep the German automaker’s operations in Montvale. Christie, as then-chairman of the powerful RGA, was among Deal’s most vocal out-of-state allies as he beat back a challenge from Democrat Jason Carter.

Alright, so maybe that one didn’t work out so well. But the point is, he was trying. And good intentions count for a lot in politics. So the New Jersey Governor should go about his business and stop listening to all these worry warts. The brass ring is within his grasp if he has the intestinal fortitude to reach out and grab it.

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