Landrieu supporters papering town with threats of losing government benefits

You have to say one thing for Mary Landrieu. She told everyone that she wouldn’t be going down without a fight, and she’s living up to her word. In the closing hours of the election, Landrieu supporters have been busy bees indeed. One report coming in to Hot Air indicates that a very specific threat has been going around to anyone in several low income communities as to what will happen if they don’t get out there and vote for the incumbent Senator. The following flyer was picked up by an activist on the scene and submitted to the Black Conservative Fund.


As you can see, they are targeting a very select audience. The flyers were seen all over on the north side of Lafayette, Louisiana and were being handed out on street corners and in churches. People were pushing them into the windows of drivers and placing them on parked cars.

The language is pretty clear. If you qualify for public housing under Section 8, SNAP, WIC assistance or even Social Security (!) and Mary Landrieu is not reelected, all of these things will be taken away. And who takes credit for it on the document? A concerned citizen.

Will it work? I’m not one to count chickens before they hatch, so I hope that Bill Cassidy’s team is on the ball and fighting right up to the last minute. These tactics were probably entirely predictable, but as I said, you have to give them credit for going down swinging.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023