Great job opportunities with ISIS

How many young, wannabe jihadis have we seen signing up to head off across the sea to fight with ISIS? One of the latest examples is found with the three teenage girls from the Denver area who made it as far as Germany before returning home. In case they are thinking of trying it again, somebody may want to share with them the story of a young lad from India who pulled off a similar plan. Areeb Majeed ran off to join the militants and help them in their fight to establish an Islamic state. Six months later he was back home describing how the job opportunities awaiting him were not exactly as billed in the literature.

According to reports in the Indian media, the suspected militant, Areeb Majeed, was compelled by his parents to come home. He told investigators that he spent most of his time in Iraq doing menial jobs, including cleaning toilets used by the jihadists…

But once he arrived there, Majeed soon discovered that jihad wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. According to details leaked by anonymous officials in India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA), the country’s top counterterrorism unit, Majeed was made to fetch water, tend to other fighters and clean out their latrines.

He also suffered a bullet wound in the neck — in circumstances unexplained in the media reports — that was left untreated for three days until he pleaded for help. “Only after I begged them, I was taken to a hospital. I was treating myself, but the injury was worsening as there was no proper medication or food available in the camps,” the Times of India quoted Majeed as telling investigators.

Not exactly a Lawrence of Arabia fantasy come true, eh? But if you stop to think about it, ISIS is a pretty big organization. Somebody has to do the grunt work or pretty soon there will be no toilet facilities at all. I’m sure there’s also a lot of work to be done washing out dusty (or bloody) head scarves, picking up the trash and all the other tedious details involved in running any large managerial structure. But on the plus side, Ben Howe sees this scenario as possible evidence to argue in favor of comprehensive immigration reform.

If it’s any consolation to Majeed, lots of people run off to join the military and find that some of the work isn’t exactly what they thought it would be.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on January 31, 2023