Video: The HRC Squirrel welcomes Hillary Clinton at book tour stop

Here’s something fun for the weekend. It’s quickly become clear that Hillary Clinton’s widely touted book tour has been swept up in unraveling current events and turned into what Investor’s Business Daily described as nothing less than disastrous. But at a recent stop on the campus of George Washington University, the RNC sent along a new sort of supporter to greet her. Wearing a shirt which read, “Another Clinton in the White House is nuts,” the crowd was treated to the debut of the HRC Squirrel.

The squirrel’s spokesman issued a brief statement following the rally.

The media has given Hillary $50 million worth of free media this week without being offered the chance for a Republican response. So we are making sure everyone knows that Hillary has no accomplishments as Secretary of State by having a squirrel hand out fact sheets and bumper stickers, because we all know another Clinton in the White House is nuts! Maybe now the media will get the message.”– Raffi Williams, spokesman for the HRC squirrel

The Squirrel is now up on Twitter in case you want to catch up with him on the campaign (and book) trail.

Meanwhile, on the Ready For Hillary bus tour


“Obviously the bus isn’t ready” says a guy walking past as Ready for Hillary staffers crawl under bus try and fix it

An hour after Hillary Clinton finished signing books at the Free Library of Philadelphia, a bus with her name and picture remained stuck on the street nearby. A hydraulically operated platform that raised and lowered the bus stopped working, and the team didn’t have a jack. The presence of the 37-and-a-half-foot Winnebago raised some questions. “Is she in there?” one passerby asked. It was natural to wonder. The former secretary of state’s iconic texting photograph is plastered on the back, and the bus says “Ready for Hillary” all over it.

The truth is, Clinton has never been on the bus, and she probably never will be. This is the Ready for Hillary PAC bus, and even though the gang has driven 10,000 miles, following Clinton wherever she goes, not one of them has even laid eyes on the possible presidential candidate. “I see the b-roll on the news, so I know she’s been [around],” says Seth Bringman, the PAC’s communications director.

Man… it’s got to be party time all the time on that bus. I wonder if the mini-bar is stocked?

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