Only in NY - School hands 66 lb girl note saying she's fat

Tales from the Nanny State continue to the amazement of nobody, I’m sure. In a story coming from (where else…) New York City, the wise school officials, ever concerned about the health and future of their students, decided to check out what each of the kids weighs, matching the results against some Body Mass Index chart. Upon noting that many of the children failed to pass muster, they decided to inform the parents… by handing the kids notes to take home. What could possibly go wrong?

A New York City mom was fit to be tied Wednesday after her 4-foot-1, 66-pound daughter came home from school with a note calling her fat.

Eight-year-old Gwendolyn Williams is anything but fat, but her mom worries that the school’s note, citing her body mass index, has left her daughter confused about her body.

“My daughter is thin; she knows she doesn’t have a weight problem, but that night, I caught her grabbing the skin near her waist, and she asked me, ‘is this what they were talking about?”‘ Laura Bruiji Williams, the girl’s mom, told “It was awful to see.”

Gwendolyn, along with her classmates, were handed a “Fitnessgram” sealed with a sticker at her public school in Brooklyn. The class was told not to open the letters, issued by the New York City Department of Education, but like most of her friends, she couldn’t resist and read it.

Who could have possibly predicted that a group of curious pre-teens, having been handed mysterious notes for their parents carrying instructions not to open them, would go ahead and open them anyway? Probably anyone with any experience whatsoever with children and one half the common sense that God gave a goat. But not in this school!

But perhaps more disturbing is the idea that an eight year old who weighs in at 66 pounds was somehow off the bell curve on the fat end. Are they just trying to encourage bulimia in the next generation? Does this girl really look fat to you?


Welcome to New York. And with that greeting out of the way, flee as you value your lives. This place is a lost cause.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022