Video - liberal examples of Tea Party racism

Our colleagues over at Town Hall have an enlightening video up this weekend which provides a look inside the inner workings of some progressive protesters. A reporter asks a number of them whether or not the Tea Party is racist. The answers are a rapid series of unanimous nods and enthusiastic answers in the affirmative. One in particular really expands on the subject.

“I think they’re racist against blacks, Hispanics… I think they’re racist against women.

In the interest of due diligence, the reporter asks them to provide a few examples of these terrible, racist tendencies. At that point, the responses become a bit more… vague.

“Ummm…. no, because I’m not thinking about them right now. Uh… let’s see…”

“It’s their reaction to us having a black president that makes them racist.”

“I suppose the thing that makes them, uh… I actually can’t talk right now.”

Here’s the video to pass the time on your Sunday morning. Enjoy.