The Democrats' #Fail on the NRCC "Happy Holidays" shirt

Last week we told you about the NRCC online store offering some shopping opportunities for conservatives this holiday season. (Including a special discount for Hot Air readers.) It all seemed like good fun, but of course there were some Left side spoil sports who had to try to find a way to rain on everyone’s parade. One of the offerings was a shirt which said “Happy Holidays is what liberals say” on the front and “Merry Christmas” on the back. By the time the weekend was over, liberals were checking in on the site and discovered to their great delight that the shirt was no longer listed among the gifts to purchase. Of course, they could draw only one conclusion.

NRCC’s “Happy Holidays Is What Liberals Say” Shirt Removed From Website

In a tweet last week, the NRCC promoted the t-shirt, which reads “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say” in a Comic Sans font on the front and “Merry Christmas!” on the back, for Black Friday.

As of Monday, the shirt looks to have been removed from the NRCC website. The online store is still selling a t-shirt milder version that says “Not Afraid to Say ‘Merry Christmas.’”

As many noted on Twitter when the NRCC tweeted out the shirt, liberals are not the only people who say “Happy Holidays,” but many Jews as well. Monday will be the sixth night of Hanukkah this year.

‘Happy Holidays Is What Liberals Say’ T-Shirt Removed from NRCC Online Store

On Black Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) was promoting a t-shirt in its online store that read “Happy Holidays is what liberals say” on the front and “Merry Christmas” on the back. Four days later, the item appears to have vanished.

Pulled! Disappeared! Vanished!

There’s only one problem with these liberal celebrations. The shirt wasn’t pulled because it was a bad idea… it was no longer showing up on the site because it had sold out. But it will be back as soon as they can restock. And in the meantime, the NRCC has expressed their appreciation for all of the support with a new offer, explained in this e-mail.

Want to really annoy a liberal? Say “Merry Christmas.”

On Friday, we unveiled a new Christmas t-shirt at our NRCC Store – “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say.”

You loved the shirt so much, it sold out!

But Liberals all across the internet flipped out and said we were being politically incorrect.

We’re working to get more shirts and products up ASAP. In the meantime we’ve got a “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say” MUG for you.

Get yours with **free** shipping while supplies last.

While Democrats are doubling-down, the DCCC is saying the shirt is derogatory to other holidays and religious beliefs. Seriously?

Liberals just don’t get it. We don’t celebrate Christmas to offend people. Saying “Merry Christmas” isn’t an attack on any religion or belief.

Had enough?! Same here.

Get your mug here:

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Just don’t tell Nancy Pelosi we said so.


Nice try, Democrats. Sadly, this one was a swing and a miss.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on June 01, 2023