Landrieu: Cyber-war could be pretty good business for Louisiana

More and more, both analysts and at least a few members of Congress are realizing that the threat of cyber-terrorism is very real and could, in the future, be even more of a danger than radicals with bombs surgically implanted in their bodies on planes. It’s as dangerous on the information superhighway as it is in the skies and the airports. So that’s pretty bad news, right? Well… yes. But you always want to find the silver lining where you can, and that’s what Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) seems to be doing on this subject because, hey… that could mean a lot of jobs for her home state.

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu told the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce that “cyber war is the war of the future” and banks, government agencies, electric grids, emergency response services and the military all are vulnerable to attack by hackers and tech-savvy terrorists.

That could mean new jobs for Louisiana.

Landrieu, D-New Orleans, said she plans to use her influence as chair of Homeland Security to “build a cyber footprint in Louisiana.” She wants to move to Louisiana more governmental agencies and tech experts charged with protecting America from hackers.

“Those jobs can’t all be based inside Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Va.,” she told The Daily Advertiserlater. “Some of those jobs need to be located outside the blast zone. With its technological expertise and the university here, Acadiana can help safeguard the cyber frontier.”

That’s a pretty spectacular statement, and perhaps one that she would only make when talking to the local Chamber of Commerce when it was only being covered by The Advertiser in your home town. But it certainly smacks of good old fashioned Congressional horse trading and pork. Facing an imminent threat to the security of the nation? Let’s do something about that! But if you don’t mind, let’s do a lot of it where I can take credit for bringing jobs in here before the next election, mmmkay? (Video is available at the link.)

Congratulations, Senator Landrieu. You win the coveted, “Real Definition of Politician” award from Hot Air for this week. Well done, Madam.

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