Open thread: Don't try to rob a gun store with a baseball bat

I’m sure you all have plenty to chat about on a lazy, summer Sunday afternoon, but here’s a bit of a palate cleanser to get you started. Derrick Mosley, of Beaverton, Oregon, came up with his own, unique version of “gun control” recently. He decided that he was going to set himself up to exercise his Second Amendment rights, but chose a rather poor method to equip for same.

Sheriff’s deputies say Mosley walked into Discount Gun Sales on Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway around 4 p.m. Thursday with a bat in hand and smashed a display case.

But they say when Mosley tried to steal a gun, the store manager simply pulled out his own personal firearm and pointed it straight at the would-be-robber. The manager then yelled some orders at the guy and got him to drop the baseball bat, the gun he had tried to take and a nine-inch long knife he had on him.

The following photo of the suspect and the damage at the crime scene was provided by Derrick Mosley of KATU in Beaverton.


The fact that this never works – as further backed up by this story from Florida – doesn’t seem to deter some people. It’s a gun store. It’s pretty much a given that the owners and the people who work there aren’t weak-kneed pacifists and that they’ve all got (duh) guns. I mean, even the guy who tried to rob a donut shop with a power drill at least stood a somewhat better chance than this rocket scientist.

I could cover stupid criminal stories all the live long day since it’s one of my favorite genres. But this is also your open thread, so I’ll let you take it away. What’s on your mind today?