Video - Our troops thank the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

How much do you hate that song, “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen? Okay… that’s probably unfair. Maybe some of you like it, but I just found it instantly annoying for some reason. But if there was anything that could change my mind on the subject, this is probably it. I came across this video by way of a short article from Michael Walsh at PJ Media. It was actually released last November, but most of us were a little busy with, er… something else back then, so I missed it. And I thought that if I did, maybe some of you had as well.

Some of our troops in Afghanistan decided to say thank you to the cheerleaders of the Miami Dolphins for all of the “inspiration” they provided during last year’s football season. The ladies had made a video of themselves for the song in question, and our guys decided to respond in kind, pairing the two videos together. The troops perform the same type of dance routine as the cheerleaders, but instead of standing on bleachers, they’re on tanks. Instead of waving pompoms, they’ve got weapons. You get the idea.

As Walsh described it… “Sex! Guns! Girls!” and a video that is “certain to get the leftie’s panties in a puddle.” And if it didn’t happen by now, I say somebody needs to get these ladies on a plane and send them over to perform the bit with the troops in person.

Enjoy. And I’ll agree with Walsh on one other point… be sure to watch it in full screen.

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