Video - Cornhuskers make a wish come true

We spend so much time here discussing what are frequently depressing stories about the state of our nation that I think we’ll dedicate part of Sunday to focusing on what still makes this country great. Jack Hoffman is a seven year old boy from Nebraska with a rare form of brain cancer. He’s been undergoing chemotherapy, but still has some of the same interests as other young boys, and apparently Jack likes football. Some of the Nebraska Cornhuskers have sort of adopted Jack and wanted to do something nice for him. Now, it would be great for a kid like Jack to get a chance to go see a game with his new friends, but the Cornhuskers had a better idea.

Jack Hoffman is a 7-year-old brain cancer patient, but that didn’t stop him from scoring a touchdown in Nebraska’s spring game Saturday afternoon. Jack, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and is currently on a break from his chemotherapy treatment, came into the game for a fourth-and-1 on the 31 yard line. With the help of some blockers, Jack ran the ball all the way into the end zone in front of more than 60,000 fans.

Turn on your speakers and watch the video. And don’t come complaining to me later if you have a hard time seeing the screen to type a comment.

Way to go, Jack. And well done to the Cornhuskers for doing something so nice for this little boy.

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