New Romney ad - Find a way

Seizing on some recent momentum and a very good month of fundraising, the Romney – Ryan campaign is hitting the air with yet another in a series of effective, well produced ads. “Find a Way” focuses on two very different records of achievement. One is four years in Washington under Barack Obama and the other is four years in Massachusetts under Mitt Romney.


VOICEOVER: “Most Americans believe we are heading in the wrong direction. Higher deficits, chronic unemployment, a president who admits he can’t work with Congress.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Higher Deficits”

VIDEO TEXT: “Chronic Unemployment”

VIDEO TEXT: “Can’t Change Washington”

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: “[Y]ou can’t change Washington from the inside.”

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: “And the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside.”(President Barack Obama, Remarks At Univision Forum, 9/20/12)

VIDEO TEXT: “He’s Only Had Four Years”

VOICEOVER: “But he’s says he’s only had 4 years. That’s all Mitt Romney needed. He turned Massachusetts around, cut unemployment, turned the deficit he inherited into a rainy day fund. All with an 85% Democratic legislature. Some can’t live up to their promises. Others find a way.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Mitt Romney: Turned Massachusetts Around”

VIDEO TEXT: “Mitt Romney: Cut Unemployment”

VIDEO TEXT: “Mitt Romney: Turned Deficit Into Rainy Day Fund”

VIDEO TEXT: “Mitt Romney: 85% Democratic Legislature”

MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.”


There’s a lot of excitement this week over foreign policy and no end of distractions among the talking heads. But underneath all of the noise and fury, not much has changed for all of those voters sitting around their kitchen tables trying to figure out what happens next. It’s the economy. (Stupid or otherwise.) And this is the sort of message which Romney’s team realizes has to be hammered home in the final two weeks. Look for this one coming soon on a television near you, particularly if you live in one of the swing states.

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