Taliban not wild about Harry

The BBC is reporting that a recent Taliban attack in Afghanistan had a very specific target in mind… Prince Harry.

Prince Harry was at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan during an assault by the Taliban which killed two US marines.

American officials said small arms, rockets and mortars were used to attack the perimeter of the British base, home to troops from several countries…

Nato told Reuters news agency that the prince “was never in any danger”.

Prince Harry, who is marking his 28th birthday, is in Afghanistan for four months on his second tour of duty.

As a member of the Royal family and a strong ally of the United States, it’s not hard to understand why the terrorists would want to take a shot at him. So that should have been reason enough right there. But the media arm of the Taliban (and isn’t that a job everyone would love…) seemed to feel the need to come up with an additional reason.

The Taliban said it was a response to an amateur US-made film mocking Islam and later claimed the base was chosen because Harry was there.

I see. So you decided that you were upset by a YouTube film made in America, and decided to strike a blow for your beliefs by trying to kill a Prince from Great Britain? Your impeccable logic is truly amazing.

Isaf spokesman Brigadier General Gunter Katz said the Taliban was “claiming a lot… They lose any credibility and it’s very hard to understand what’s behind the motives of those claims.”

Somehow I don’t think maintaining credibility is really high on their list.

This is a reminder, though, that Harry is a very popular figure back home. It’s traditional for the sons of the Royal Family to do a tour of duty in the military, but in the past this has been largely in peacetime forces well out of harm’s way. Harry certainly earns credit with the British people for putting his life on the line and going to serve in a war zone. It’s also a reminder that while our attention is frequently focused elsewhere or at home, this war continues to grind on. And it’s probably the least discussed issue in the presidential campaign.

Harry may have never been in any danger, but two more United States Marines died in the attack. Our family currently has two young men serving on the ground in Afghanistan, as I know some of you do as well. They deserve better.