Another mass shooting, Wisconsin Updates: 7 dead. No more police updates until 10 AM Monday.

This story is just breaking this afternoon, so expect updates later. Details are still very sketchy, but another mass shooting has taken place. The location is a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Multiple injuries are being confirmed by officials on the scene.

A Sikh temple in a suburban Milwaukee is the scene of a shooting today that has left an unknown number of people injured.

Oak Creek Police Department dispatcher Stephanie Uljanec says the shooting took place about 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, 7512 S. Howell Ave. Oak Creek is south of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan.

“We did have a shooting,” Uljanec said. “It’s unknown how many victims there are.”

There are more than a dozen ambulances parked outside the temple, and police have corralled media and a handful of bystanders to an area near the temple.

Another paper in the area was initially reporting between 20 and 30 victims, but CNN is now saying “one dead and at least two wounded.” A couple of reporters are tweeting events live from the scene, but there are conflicting reports as to whether the shooter is “at large” or if this has turned into a hostage situation. More to come.

UPDATE 1: (Jazz) CNN Headline News has an interview with a police spokesman on the scene, saying that one officer has been shot multiple times and at least one suspect was shot. Still developing.

UPDATE 2: (Jazz) The CNN video below has an interview with a representative of the temple. They are now reporting that one shooter was shot and “put down” (not sure if that means he’s dead) and that there may be two more shooters inside the temple holding hostages. However, the police spokesman on the scene is saying he can’t confirm anything yet about remaining suspects.

UPDATE 3: (Jazz) The police chief on the scene as of 2:55 PM is saying that police are moving through the temple and have located “four deceased inside the temple, three deceased outside, including the shooter.” Confusion is still running rampant among the media, but clearly this is very bad. The cops can’t confirm whether there are any more shooters or not.

UPDATE 4: (Jazz) The latest reports we are receiving from police on the scene indicate that law enforcement teams have completed a sweep of the temple, spoken to everyone on the property and are now checking the registration of all the cars parked in the area. Looks like they are being very thorough and not jumping too fast with the media, which is good to see. There will be another update later when they have the identity of the shooter, but obviously they will not release this information to the press until they have finished investigating that person’s home, other potential properties, etc. This is a good move by the police since they don’t want to send the media scrambling to places where they will need to do investigative work. The officer who took down the shooter should clearly be recognized as a hero and the commanders running this operation seem to be really keeping it under control. It’s a tragedy to be sure, but the first responders should be praised for the work we’re seeing thus far.

UPDATE 5: This just in from Stevegg in the comments:

Two quick updates:

Oak Creek has set up a Family Hotline for family of those who were at the temple – 888-298-1964.

– The 3:30 press conference has been pushed back to 4 pm CDT (5 pm EDT).

UPDATE 5: (Jazz) As of the 5 PM eastern briefing from the local Chief of Police, there is confirmation that there are 7 dead and 3 others injured. The police will not be releasing the names of any of the victims nor the police officer who was shot until all family members have been notified. They are treating this as an in process criminal investigation and an “active scene” and they will not be releasing the identity of the shooter. They are treating it as an incident of “domestic terrorism” and the FBI is taking over the investigation on that end. There will be another briefing tomorrow morning at 10 AM, but until then we probably shouldn’t expect much more in terms of details.