Obama tries to hit Romney on teachers, cops. Mitt pounces.

Ever since the president’s now legendary moment of confusion about the economy being just fine, Team Obama has been scrambling for some way to move the game and get people talking about something else. This weekend they apparently thought they found it and decided to launch a new ad campaign claiming that Romney wants to lay off police, firefighters and teachers. Here’s the video.

The video begins with the dreary music and the headlines about public sector layoffs and a clip of the President exhorting Congress to pass a plan to “put them back to work.” And then we get this:

What would Mitt Romney do?

Romney economics: Fewer teachers, firefighters, police officers.

It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

In a sign of precisely how nimble the Romney campaign has become, the digital ink hadn’t even begun to dry on this latest attack before they were out with a response. Speaking of, “it didn’t work then,” we are reminded that we already tried dealing with the issue of employment for teachers and first responders by pumping federal dollars down a rat hole. We called it the stimulus. And it was so badly crafted that the money frequently went to bailing out state budgets and pretty much everything but saving the targeted jobs. And in the rare cases where schools did benefit in the short run, once the money was gone the employees were let go anyway.

We contacted the Romney campaign today shortly after the Obama video came out and they responded with the following comment from Andrea Saul, Romney Press Secretary.

“President Obama fundamentally believes in raising taxes to grow government. He believes that we must hire more government workers to fix the economy. Every day, we learn why President Obama has not been the leader to take us out of this economic crisis. President Obama wants to stimulate government, Mitt Romney wants to stimulate the real world economy.”

You can expect to see this rather ragged, “Mitt wants to lay off cops and firemen” theme trotted out on the Sunday shows tomorrow. But it looks like they’re not going to get off a clean shot… assuming the networks bother to check with the Romney campaign.

UPDATE: (Jazz) They’re pushing it out to the MSM early.

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