Super. Flight attendant tells passengers their plane will crash

I particularly enjoy reading a story like this just as I’m getting ready for a trip. But I may not go with American Airlines. Some of their flight attendants seem a bit on the unstable side.

An American Airlines jet about to take off was halted after a flight attendant began “ranting” about 9/11 and claiming that the plane was about to crash…

“The flight attendant started repeating her sentences over and over again, (and) wanted us to have our seats even though we were in our seats,” Stephen Termunde, who was a passenger in the 11th row, told CBS News.

“She actually made two comments that if we didn’t go back to the game we would crash,” he said.

Some passengers helped to restrain the flight attendant. Two other crew members were reportedly injured in the altercation.

I really enjoyed the statement issued by the flight attendants union. (Yes! Apparently they have their own union.) It’s akin to having your Chevy Volt suddenly burst into flames with you inside and having the autoworkers union issue a statement saying that an unfortunate thermal transition event had taken place.

In all fairness, later questioning indicated that the woman was under treatment for manic depression, was taking lithium and had failed to take it that day. Following is the inevitable camera video shot by one of the passengers. You can’t really see any of the action, but you can hear the stewardess screaming like something from a Fright Night flick.

Enjoy flying he friendly skies, folks.

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