Did Nancy Pelosi just violate campaign finance laws?

This is an interesting blip on the political radar, though likely one which will disappear down the memory hole in record time. CNN is reporting that, during remarks to reporters on the Hill, Nancy Pelosi suddenly tossed out an unscripted comment which could, in theory, land her in some hot water.


Did House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi inadvertently cross a legal line by asking for political contributions while on federal property?

At a Capitol Hill press conference Thursday, Pelosi was making the case for campaign finance reform and said Democrats will disclose donors to their political groups, even when the law doesn’t require it.

During her comments, she said “by the way we’re asking people to contribute to us if they want to elect more reformers to Congress so we can do away with super PACs – we can do away with secret contributions.”

So technically, asking for donations or doing any sort of fundraising on federal property is a pretty big Bozo No-No. But it’s also not something that frequently winds up being punished in a serious way for some reason. You may remember way back in 1997 that Al Gore was found to have made numerous fundraising phone calls to donors from his office in the White House. What happened to him? He had to write a check for $24.20 to cover the cost of the long distance calls.


So did Pelosi have some explanation for doing this? Of course!!

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said she was not soliciting funds; she was merely discussing what she tells donors when she does.

Just … wow. So if I call up a hooker from the White House and tell her, “You know, if a girl like you showed up here with a pizza, what I’d probably do is give her some money and…” – then I guess I really wouldn’t be soliciting her services?

Well, maybe Nancy was just kidding around. You know what a sense of humor she has when it comes to campaign finance laws. In fact, here’s her latest video!

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