Video: Prepare for Iran's female ninja teams

I’ve seen plenty of conservatives being supportive of the idea of a preemptive strike against Iran’s potential nuclear arms capability, either by us or Israel. One perfectly valid reason for such confidence is the flat out awesomeness of our military and their ability to take on any challenge which comes our way. But they may have to start boning up on special operations if we come to blows, because President Ahmadinejad apparently has a secret ace up his sleeve. Are you ready for Iran’s female ninjas?

The school opened in 1989 but now has 3,500 women in training to become kunoichi – female ninjas.

But as Israel steps up pressure on Iran, over fears the country is building nuclear weapons, these lethal ninjas could be called upon to represent their country if relations descend into military conflict.

Iran has a mandatory Army conscription for men aged 18, but it is limited to 18 months service, so these kunoichi could prove very useful.

One hardly knows where to begin. The linked article has a wealth of pictures of these warrior women for you to enjoy, but the video we’ll get to below is even better. A few questions popped out right away, not the least of which was the fact that most of the women expose their faces on film. (I thought that was generally a no-no?) It’s not that the training doesn’t seem to be genuinely realistic and probably a fairly good cardio workout, but the fighting style on display seems to be somewhat less than threatening.

The level of realism in the video may look familiar to some of you, particularly if you’re fans of Richard Harrison back in the 80’s. In fact, I think we may need some sort of a side by side comparison. First, take a look at the news coverage of Iran’s latest crew of elite fighters.

Now, let’s compare that to the classic Harrison trailer for… The Ninja Squad.

That should start your morning off on a solid note. Enjoy.