The last stand of Occupy Boston

I know… I know… you thought all of this occupy stuff was over, right? Cold weather is moving in and the homeless masses are moving to warmer climes. Not so in Boston, though! The Death Star may be approaching, but they’re still counting on the Ewoks to bail them out.

The refuse-to-die Boston Occupy movement has sent out an alert saying police won’t evict the remaining stragglers at the Dewey Square camp “if we have numbers” and organizers are calling for a general meeting tonight.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino gave the campers until midnight last night to pull up and take a hike, but a core group of about 20 tents remains.

“We won last night because YOU showed up,” the Occupy alert states. “They won’t evict us if we have numbers. We need you. Come out today and help. General mtg 7pm!”

The defiant alert comes as two dozen occupiers stick to their tents at the downtown encampment. The larger tents — for food, communication and health — have been hauled away.

A drum group is now leading the occupiers in a chant, that goes in part: “Hell no ain’t gonna go.”

I suppose the lessons which should have been learned in other cities hasn’t quite sunk in out there in Beantown. Start the countdown clock.

Pepper spray in Three… Two…