Obama's EPA skipping a few steps on climate regs

I won’t even dredge up the numerous times we’ve talked about the new, job killing, cross-state mercury emission rules currently being “considered” by the EPA with the full support of President Obama.(Though it is worth noting that just last week the North American Electric Reliability Corporation released a report stating that these new rules would stress the power grid in “ways never before experienced.”) But there’s still time for all voices to be heard and valid issues to be examined before the EPA releases their decision on December 16th, right? As the Washington Examiner discovered on the President’s own reelection web site, the entire thing may just be a dog and pony show for the public’s benefit.

The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to be reviewing almost a million public comments on their proposed new mercury regulations for power plants. The final regulation isn’t set to be issued until next Friday. But according to President Obama’s reelection website, the EPA has already acted

So what does Barack Obama claim as part of his case for keeping the base happy?

Under President Obama’s watch, the Environmental Protection Agency has set up the first national standards for mercury emissions and other dangerous chemicals from coal and oil-fired power plants.

The new rules will help to clear our skies of pollutants that can make health problems like asthma and bronchitis worse, saving up to 17,000 lives each year.

Wait a minute… the EPA is supposedly in the process of reviewing more than a million comments from citizens, energy producers, workers and everyone else. There allegedly isn’t a decision yet. But somehow Barack Obama already knows the outcome? Was this question ever seriously being looked at, or was it a fait accompli before the first screams emerged about the lost jobs to come and the strain on the energy grid, particularly in Texas and adjoining states?

President Obama… are you even listening at all? Is there anyone at the EPA taking this seriously? Just in case this “mysteriously” disappears from Barack Obama’s web site over the weekend, here’s a screen capture of what it says today.

Obama Mercury Rules

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