New Rick Perry TV ad shows lighter side

Rumors of the death of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign may be at least somewhat exaggerated. The Texas governor is still out there swinging and is releasing a new ad which will run tonight in Iowa during the Jay Leno show. In it, rather than focusing on heady matters of state, Perry once again shows his more personal nature with a bit of humor.

AUSTIN – The Perry campaign today released a 30-second television advertisement, “What’s That Line Again?” which will air one night only tonight in Iowa during Gov. Perry’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“While the rest of GOP field is busy handling scandals, inconsistencies and contradictions on important issues, Gov. Perry’s appearance on Leno and his special Leno ad show he is confident enough to use the attention from last month’s Michigan debate to highlight his status as the true outsider conservative in the Republican field,” said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan.

Perry takes a note from the old, “What’s my line again?” theme and gets into some good natured humor, mocking himself rather than the rest of the candidates. If there’s still time to impress the voters of Iowa, who have recently fallen out of love with Herman Cain, perhaps Perry can stage a second act in a political primary… a rather rare event to be sure.