Inevitable: Jersey Shore for politicos coming soon

Personally, I blame the failure of those falling junk satellites to destroy civilization for this, but we probably should have expected it. One portion of the nation is addicted to reality TV in the form of shows about towing cars, hillbilly handfishing or (gulp) The Jersey Shore. Another portion (comprised mostly of … well…. us) is watching Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN and roughly 173 Republican debates followed by hours of excruciating analysis. This leaves one obvious question for television network executives to wrestle to the ground.

How do we combine the two and maximize our audience?

One famous casting director – responsible for, among other things, Snooky – thinks he has the answer. We’ll do a reality show about politicos living together in a Big Brother type setting!

‘Jersey Shore’ mastermind casting reality show for politicos

WASHINGTON – There is a cliché that has been part of D.C. banter for a number of years: “Politics is showbiz for ugly people.”

Doron Ofir, the casting director behind a number of reality TV juggernauts, says he has never heard of it. If his new venture is to be successful, he hopes that adage doesn’t ring true.

Ofir’s casting agency is currently on a nationwide search for “strong-willed, well-informed, great looking outspoken participants in the American political system” to be part of a new reality show that will put different political personalities in direct confrontation with one another.

The man responsible for the “Jersey Shore” cast is looking for people between the ages of 21 to 35 to stump for their chance to dictate the national conversation on politics.

Finding. It. Hard. To. Type. Eye. Twitching…

When MTV launched “The Real World” they developed the following tag line: When people stop being polite… and start getting real.

I’ve got some news for them. If they think that a half dozen teenagers locked in a beach house can get out of hand, they’ve never sat through an evening of political opinion programming. This level of naivete is on display when they pose the question, “You take a young Bill Maher and you take a young Ann Coulter, what really happens if they live together?”

I can tell you right now what happens. Somebody is going to die.

But for better or worse, this is probably coming. So any of you who are in the target age group and having fairly telegenic looks, get those resumes in now. You never know… this could be your big break. And the saddest part of this entire debacle?

I’ll probably watch it.

EXIT QUESTION: Who among our favorite (or most despised) political operatives and authors would we like to see placed in this house with 24/7 cameras on them? I suppose we could match up Liz Mair, Mary K. Ham, Guy Benson and Chris Barron with Oliver Willis, Glenn Greenwald, Rachel Maddow and pretty much anyone from Firedoglake. Think of the debates! The arguments! The midnight meetings in the kitchen with cleavers, baseball bats and chains! It’s television history in the making, I tell you.