Perry campaign doomed by... college football?

Stop the presses. Many of you have been wondering when the Rick Perry momentum train would run off the rails ever since he surged to frontrunner status. Well, the other cowboy boot seems to have dropped, at least according to the Boston Globe. The long expected scandal waiting to bring down the Texas governor has come to light and it involves the always controversial political topic of … college football.

Could a controversial shift in college football conferences sink Rick Perry’s presidential campaign? As a Texas A&M stalwart who has been at the head of the school’s drive to leave the Big 12, the Texas governor has staked himself to a cause that may be great for his beloved alma mater — but is stirring up a lot of anger among some of the heartland voters that he needs to win the GOP presidential nomination.

Last Thursday, after weeks of rumors that the university was planning to bolt the Big 12, Texas A&M made it official. The College Station university is moving to the SEC in hopes of higher television revenues and to avoid being over-shadowed by its arch-rival, the University of Texas, which just started its own cable network this year to showcase Longhorn athletics.

To fans of other Big 12 schools like Baylor, Texas Tech, and Iowa State, the fear now that the departure of Aggies will cause the Big 12 to implode — and that when the dust settles, their teams may wind up in a second-tier conference.

To be sure, it’s a stretch to imagine that consternation over the Big 12’s future will translate into votes against Perry…

A stretch? Ya think? But what the heck… that won’t stop you from running the article. I’m not sure if this is a sign of an extremely slow news day or a signal that somebody in Boston is terrified that Perry might replace Obama.

So how does Rick Perry become culpable in all of this? Well, it’s obvious! Perry mentioned that he was aware his alma mater had been in talks to move from the Big 12 to the SEC. And if he knows about it, he can certainly blamed for the world ending devistation which will ensue of the Big 12 implodes, right? Quid pro quo. Habeas Corpus Christie. Or something.

It’s the final nail in the political coffin, I tell ya! When you combine this with his desire to shoot pigs from helicopters, he may as well pack it in and go home right now.

Seriously… this is just getting embarrassing.