Sexual harassment suit for... Alcee Hastings?

Another day, another congressional sex scandal in the making.

A congressional ethics panel is investigating allegations that Florida Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings sexually harassed a member of his staff, according to people familiar with the matter…

It began at least a month ago after Judicial Watch, a conservative group, filed a lawsuit as the legal counsel for Winsome Packer, a staffer on a commission Mr. Hastings headed. She alleged that she had been sexually harassed by the congressman and that he retaliated when she tried to report it.

You know, not for nothing, but after the entire Weiner saga I’m either too burned out, grossed out, or just plain jaded to launch into yet another snark infested tirade. While details are scarce on the original accusation, (for which, on behalf of the entire interwebz, I would like to express my eternal gratitude) the matter has already progressed past the point of an official complaint being lodged and it’s been taken up by the Office of Congressional Ethics, so there must be some meat on this bone. (I’m sorry… there’s only so many ways I can describe this without Weiner creeping back into the discussion.)

For the record, the only contact I have who has direct experience with the congressman responded to a request for comment, saying that Hastings, “has always behaved in a very professional fashion” and that she had, “never observed anything inappropriate.” That, of course, has no direct bearing on his specific relationship with Ms. Packer, and I am not casting any doubt on her claims until the committee finishes their work.