The Italian Job - Day 3

The stalwart Capt. Ed is well into his third day of undercover work in Italy, exposing the corruption inherent in Europe’s willful manipulation of the Euro. But it turns out that Pope John Paul II was set for Beatification, so he and the First Mate went to attend the ceremonies. Well… as Ed explained, “attend” might be a bit strong of a word. With attendance literally in the millions, they didn’t actually make it inside for that actual process, but joined a massive throng of worshipers paying their respects. As such, I’m sad to report that we have no actual photographs of the ceremony.

But it was still a lovely day, and following the services the Morrisseys met up with some new friends and took a stroll through Rome and out to dinner. A few more pictures follow.

First up is a shot Ed took of the river Tiber when crossing the bridge which connects the Vatican with Rome proper. It was a perfectly lovely day with fine weather.

The Tiber River in Rome

Ed and the First Mate met up with some friends, the Vigilante family, and headed for dinner in Rome. This is the Piazza, which they passed en route to dining at La Maremma.

The Piazza in Rome

Here’s the happy couple at dinner at La Maremma. Ed tells me that if you ever get the chance to visit, be sure to ask for Sabrina as your server.

Ed and the First Mate at Dinner

And finally here is a group shot with the Vigilantes having dinner at La Maremma. The young lady center right is Sofia, who took the previous photo of the Morrisseys and, according to Ed is quite handy with a camera.

Dinner with the Vigilantes

That’s all for today, folks. Tomorrow Ed should be heading out to nab some Italian officials engaged in questionable activities and have a full investigative journalist report.