Kaus Giving Up the Ghost on Obama?

This is just one of those oddball, weekend blips on the radar, but when it crossed my Twitter feed it caught my attention for a moment.
Kaus Giving Up on Obama?

Slow news day=crazy thoughts: What if O doesn’t run? Says he’s done what came to do. New Dem cand. untaintd by job #s. O can run again later

Yes, it was a day when many of us on both sides of the aisle were looking for a fork to jab into our eyes after eleven straight hours of British nuptials on every news channel. Your mind can play tricks on you by that point. But was this one of those in vino veritas moments?

We’ve seen plenty of discontent on the left over the President’s failure to deliver on the progressive promises of the ’08 campaign, but that doesn’t mean they want to see a Republican elected. Are the realities of a sluggish economy, struggling job creation and debt (which, as even the greenest political observer knows, is generally blamed on the current White House occupant) getting the herd restless and worried that an unhappy electorate will show Obama the door?