Progressives Opposing Outrageous Outside Money With...

I understand how quickly things can fall down the memory hole, but a few of you may recall the cries of righteous indignation from Democrats during the 2010 campaign over the vast sums of “secretive outside money” being flushed into various elections. Chief among the listed villains was American Crossroads. I have some direct experience with that phenomenon as I was heading up media and communications for a campaign which wound up seeing more than a quarter million dollars of American Crossroads money spent against our opponent.

Well, the progressives let us know in no uncertain terms that this was definitely dirty pool and the American people simply would not stand for it. And now they’re putting their money -along with that of as many donors as they can find – where their mouths are on the subject. From Greg Sargent at The Plumb Line:

It looks like David Brock is getting more serious about building a powerful apparatus on the left to go head-to-head with the flood of outside money conservative groups are planning to pump into the 2012 elections.

I’m told that Brock has made some major staff shifts within his Media Matters empire in preparation for 2012, shifting key staff over to a new third-party spending vehicle he’s created to spend big money on campaigns this cycle, which is called American Bridge.

Ah, I see what you did there. Genius! If it’s American Crossroads, it’s bad. But if it’s American Bridge… well, who could be opposed to a nice bridge?

Also: In another indication that Brock is shifting his empire harder into politics, he has enlisted one of the key architects of MoveOn’s growth over the last few years — operative Ilyse Hogue — to oversee a new Media Matters operation dedicated specifically to taking action against right wing media.

You know, that name sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? Where do we know Ilyse Hogue from… oh, that’s right.

All of these big shake-ups and moves are detailed in a recent MMFA memo, which also included the following item of passing interest.

After four years of service — during which the staff and budgets of the organizations doubled under his exemplary leadership — first as Communications Director, then Chief of Staff and President, Eric Burns is leaving to open a political communications consultancy, Bullfight Strategies. Burns will continue to advise David Brock in that capacity.

Wait a minute here… Bull Fight Strategies? Dude… what happened to the New Tone?