The blitz of executive orders, directives and memoranda was clearly meant to emphasize that Biden was hitting the ground running. But that burst of activity will be worse than meaningless if the polices create or worsen problems for people.

One example is that the energy-related directives all lean in the direction of restricting fossil fuels. So far, the only certainty of his actions are job losses connected to both his killing the Keystone pipeline and putting a freeze on drilling permits on federal land and water.

The eventual impact will also mean a loss of American energy independence and price increases for electricity, gasoline and heating fuel.

Telling laid-off workers they can go make solar panels, as John Kerry did, has all the compassion of a punch in the nose. Biden’s climate czar, Kerry made his remarks at about the time a video surfaced of him defending his international travel on private jets by saying he is “working to win the battle of climate change.”