Rep. Omar is far from without blemish. She has shown a concerning willingness to pal around with anti-Semites and make statements that appear to demonstrate a thinly veiled disdain for the state of Israel. She’s also faced serious, well-reported allegations of campaign finance misdeeds that could be grounds for her own censure if the claims pass muster.

But let’s remember that it wasn’t Rep. Omar who suggested that a Jewish-controlled space laser had caused the wildfires in California.

Rep. Greene’s fixation with a nefarious world organization run by the Rothschilds could be ripped from the pages of The Protocols of the Elder Zion. The Overton window may have shifted in the last few years when it comes to the uncouth statements politicians can get away with, but Greene’s are stunningly beyond the pale.

If our concerns are earnestly about which elected official is a threat to American Jews, the pol who sees George Soros and his money and the Rothschilds and their invented sci-fi technology hiding behind every corner seems like the safer bet.