Writing in New York magazine, Eric Levitz declared Romney’s child allowance plan “better than Biden’s.” Vox’s Dylan Matthews also argued that the Romney plan “has some advantages” over the Biden plan and noted that it’s been praised by some rather surprising left-wing voices.

I’ve long been deeply suspicious of arguments from the left that if pro-life Americans “truly” cared about abortion that they’d support (mainly left-wing) social welfare programs aimed at improving the lives and health of America’s most vulnerable citizens. I’ve been suspicious not because I disagree that increased financial security or health security can ease concerns of expectant mothers but because I’m often dubious the proposed government programs will work as advertised.

In this case, however, I’m more convinced. Yes, there are intelligent critiques of the plan, but the direct and substantial aid to even expectant mothers persuades me that Romney’s plan could make a difference. It could not only decrease poverty and increase childbearing (worthy goals all their own), it could very well give a worried mom the comfort she needs to make the choice she likely wants to make—to keep her child in spite of her fears.