“You know, I think your point about that picture is important. So it shows that the former president is desperate to continue to look like he’s leading the party and the problem is, until we push back and say, you know, this is not a Trump first party, this is a country first party — in some cases you may support Donald Trump in that effort but in my case I believe that that’s a whole new movement,” Kinzinger said.

Todd noted that Kinzinger was originally meant to appear on the show along with other House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, but appeared alone.

“Look, it’s really difficult. I mean, all of a sudden imagine everybody that supported you, or so it seems that way, your friends your family has turned against you. They think you’re selling out,” Kinzinger said. “But the reality is this: This is a time to choose. It’s a time to choose what we’re going to be.”