Media star Andrew Cuomo has gone missing

Cuomo pressed on with his press conferences, because Assemblyman Ron Kim — who lost an uncle in a nursing home to the virus — might be able to make it onto “The View” for a day to call out the governor’s “abusive” behavior, but the governor has a platform every day.

And Cuomo, who in 2002 famously mocked then-Gov. George Pataki as Rudy Giuliani’s coat-holder, clearly learned a few things from America’s Mayor’s post-9/11 demeanor — which Cuomo employed to great effect last year while counter-programming against the competing son of Queens in the White House.

As Alex Pareene noted in The New Republic, where Cuomo the newspaper character has an arcane and complicated backstory (like in this column!), TV Cuomo is a manly do-er who shows up in costume and exuding confidence after disaster strikes.