Kinzinger allies launch new PAC to support Republicans who have bucked Trump

“Americans Keeping Country First has a clearly defined mission to provide air cover for the members of Congress who took votes of conscience to impeach or convict President Trump,” Mario Castillo, one of the group’s advisers and a Republican lobbyist, said in a statement.

Castillo said the super PAC would back lawmakers in both primaries and general elections, if necessary. He said the group has “received real interest” from GOP donors and expects to be well-financed for primary season.

Officials with the super PAC declined to say which donors had committed support, or how much money they had pledged. They said former lawmakers are expected to join in upcoming weeks but declined to name them.

The new super PAC is expected to back the 10 House Republicans who voted for impeachment, as well as Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the Alaska senator who is up for reelection in 2022. The goal is to target donors who would support Republicans such as former House speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) — contributors who want to stay with the GOP but consider Trump noxious.