This is what you get when the president of the United States tries to overturn a free and fair election and maintain hold on power as an unelected dictator.

This is what you get when that president invites a vigilante army of separatists with anti-American regalia to march on the Capitol with him.

This is what you get when for two months the majority of the Republican party’s elected officials express support for that effort and refuse to acknowledge the actual president-elect.

This is what you get when two incumbent Republican senators run on an explicitly pro-coup platform for re-election and every single Republican backs their effort without the slightest hesitation. Without even a background quote saying that they were having qualms about Loeffler and Perdue endorsing the overthrow of the federal government.

This is what you get when you have dozens of elected Republicans object to a pro forma ceremony marking the transition of power with the stated goal of overturning the election result.