Now, though, the process of actually vaccinating Americans has bogged down in the states, especially those states with incompetent (or worse) leaders like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Initially, U.S. officials predicted that as many as 20 million Americans would be fully vaccinated before the end of 2020,” National Public Radio wrote recently. “And while that many vaccine doses were distributed, only a fraction of them have been administered.”

In New York City, according to the New York Post, “the city’s Health and Hospitals Network has used just 31 percent” of its allotted vaccine. “It’s chaos out there,” one county executive told the paper. “The state has no idea what it’s doing.” California’s distribution of the vaccine has been slowed by layers of bureaucracy. Nationally, according to the Associated Press: “As of Wednesday, more than three weeks into the U.S. vaccination campaign, 5.3 million people had gotten the first shot out of the 17 million doses distributed so far.”

It’s a situation begging for presidential leadership. Trump could spend the next two weeks applying the same pressure to state and local officials that he applied to vaccine researchers and makers during Operation Warp Speed. Is there anything more valuable a president could do in his last days in office?