In fact, what I was told by Republican operatives is that Greene had a ceiling in the runoff and all I needed to do was warn voters about voting for her. They said she couldn’t win the runoff. They were wrong. While John Cowan, her opponent in the runoff, was trying to get the word out, Greene had more money and a die hard base.

Many of that base now feels played by her. Many of the voters in Georgia’s 14th are embarrassed.

Greene is going nowhere. If Ralph Northam could survive black face, Greene, who has no sense of shame, will go nowhere now. She’ll double down and some will defend her.

Republicans in Georgia, next year, will try to redistrict her out of Congress. Undoubtedly, she’ll keep flaring up like political herpes, or a Republican Cynthia McKinney, but perhaps she will have only one term.

The drip, drip, drip of opposition research now coming out will make her radioactive to a statewide run, but perhaps she will try.