And some freshmen have been more vocal than others. One standout is Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who won back a GOP seat in the Lowcountry and has emerged as the most outspoken critic of Trump and the “QAnon wing” in her class.

Mace has excoriated some Republicans for their potential roles in inciting the violent mob on Jan. 6, calling for them to face investigations and other possible repercussions such as censure — which would represent a stinging rebuke of a colleague.

“It’s very important that we hold everybody accountable, and I hope that people are investigated to the fullest extent of the law — starting from the president on down. Including members of Congress,” said Mace, noting “all options” should be on the table. “We have allowed QAnon conspiracy theorists to lead us.”

Mace, however, said she’s not worried about potential blowback for criticizing her new colleagues: “I do not operate out of fear.”