There are many Trump-policy supporters, myself included, who can find an inroad between the court-jester conservatives and the radical populists. And we should feel welcome to do so. After all, independent thinking is a defining feature of the true conservative, who consciously believes in ordered liberty and freedom of expression. I offer this to Republicans moving forward.

Do not adopt the leftist strategy of trying to oppress the conservative thinker who holds many views at one time concerning political strategy. Many Trump supporters (the strong populist wing) are calling blasphemy on any conservatives who do not necessarily believe the election was stolen—even those like myself who believe that some fraud and suspicious activity occurred. We also believe the media, if anyone, rigged the election by their suppression of important information, such as the Hunter Biden New York Post report. We believe in the courts—and our president’s ability to bring about effective change—but do not believe in peddling in conspiracy theories that merely support the narrative one wishes to be true. These falsehoods caused a major transfer of power in the Senate, and they caused Americans to riot in our capital.

On the flip side, there are NeverTrumpers who are crawling back out of their shells and antagonizing those who do not abide by establishment remedies. Jim Geraghty at National Review suggests that the GOP needs to centralize the suburbanite and not the working-class American. This is purely alienating; we need both. Geraghty and other Republicans who are turning their backs on millions of Trump voters are making a mistake that will cost them in the long run.