With the election over, there is some mild pushback against monsters that in many ways are of the Dems’ own making. The normally submissive Mayor Wheeler condemned the “lawlessness” of “radical antifa and anarchists” — rhetoric that would have been roundly “fact-checked” by mainstream media had Trump uttered them three months ago.

Wheeler also asked a silly question: “Why would a group of largely white” good-for-nothings harm people “struggling to get by.” Why? Because Democrats ­allowed them to.

At any rate, words will go ­nowhere. Only a harshly decisive and punitive response from the state will stop Antifa. For that to happen, the politicians who turned a blind eye last year will have to let police forces do their jobs. And they must convince prosecutors, who are ­releasing Antifa members without charge, to dole out charges and convictions. That won’t be easy.