A source close to Trump says he does not want to talk about the future beyond his remaining days in office. Any suggestion that he begin laying the groundwork for another run for president in 2024 is shunted aside, at least for now.

“He wants no conversation about what he’s going to do when he leaves the building,” the source said, asking for anonymity to speak candidly. “He’s convinced he’s leaving, but he compartmentalizes things. As long as he’s the president, he wants to be the president.”…

A source close to Trump said he has in the past toyed with the idea of announcing a 2024 run on Inauguration Day to divert attention from Biden. That person and another source said Trump is being advised to put off an announcement about running again, and instead simply tease the possibility, because being an official candidate would invite a level of scrutiny he might not want.

The former White House official noted that Trump’s musings about running again would only give Democrats fodder to investigate him in years to come.